We provide a variety of music therapy services to children with illnesses and disabilities. Our music therapists are board-certified, and have over 30 years of combined experience in music therapy.                   

To schedule a family consultation for individual screening and goal setting with Julie Tatro, MT-BC, NMT, give us a call!

Music Connect

A Music therapy group for kids 8 to 12 years old. Make music together in a small group to enhance the development of functional social skills: attention, communication, self regulation, and social behaviors. Our summer sessions also include Autism and Autism Spectrum disorders.

Music Live

A music therapy group for children With Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Make music together in a small group to enhance development of functional speech and language skills, motor skills, sensory integration, emotional expression, learning skills, and social skills.

Out Loud!

Speech and language development classes for kids ages 3 to 6 years. We make music in small groups to enhance the development of functional communication skills, listening, vocalizing, speaking, and social communication behaviors.


A music therapy group for teens with various life challenges. We make music together in a small group to enhance expression, insight, and coping abilities. No previous music experience or training required!

QChord Lessons

The Q-Chord is a digital instrument that is fun and easy to learn. Q-Chord lessons give kids and teens the ability to make music on their own in a few weeks. Benefits of Q-Chord lessons include improving attention span, building confidence, promoting decision-making skills, enhancing social skills, and preparing children for traditional music lessons. Want to try it out? Call for a free introductory lesson. Four Lessons for $130, eight Lessons for $250. Prices include Q-chord rental.

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